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When I was nine years old the Berlin Wall fell. The Soviet Union got rolled up shortly thereafter. In the promising months and years that followed, it seemed obvious that Western Civilization's liberty and democracy and superior firepower had finally won the peace. We were beyond history.


In the blur of the VHS casette I catch shadows of the Great Recession, the Iraq War, and 9/11 as I fast forward to 2015.


My generation was born to rule the world. Instead, it's barely able to move out from its parents' basement. An economy that only generates shitty dead-end jobs, a political system nakedly catering to the ultrarich, and a rapidly deteriorating global environment are the bitter fruit of my middle age.


This is the story of me and my friends, and our little cameo in the grand drama of history--where it's good to have friends in high places, where a small town girl can change the world, where the heroes are the ones making international terrorism glamorous again.


-Sam Christianos, Sherman's Highway


Warning: Winners and Losers is stupidly ambitious. If you like your webcomics dainty and ephemeral, this is not a work for you. My handle is goddamn LIRVILAS and while my art might not be gorgeous, it gets better with every passing year and unlike your average webcomics "artist", I know what I'll be doing a decade from now: producing work. So if you're ready to put away the colored tights and the weeaboo sailor uniforms, the grid coordinates for my fires are somewhere between Springsteen, HST, and Tolstoy. Whether my salvos are effective remains to be seen--strap in and find out.